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Copy Image

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What is Copy Image?

The Copy Image feature lets you copy your computer screen and save either as a file or to your clipboard.

It is useful when you want to show someone (ONE Support, for example) some aspect, issue or feature of the ONE application.

Show me how to Copy Image...

On selecting the Copy Image feature, you will be given the choice of what part of your screen is to be copied:

Copy Image

After selecting the screen area to copy, you are then given the choice as to where the image is to be saved. You can either save the image as a file on your computer (where it can be attached to an email or imported into a document) or it can be saved to your computers clipboard (where it can be pasted into an email or document):

Copy Image


Copyright: What you must be aware of ...

Please be aware that an appropriate copyright notice must be added if you are publishing or displaying the images, for example in any document, website, blog or video. An acceptable copyright notice would be in the form "OptionNET Explorer - Copyright THJ Systems Ltd".