Feature Request

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Feature Request

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What is Feature Request?

The Feature Request utility takes you to the ONE Feature Request forum where you can browse suggestions made by other users of ONE as to improvements and new functionality they would like to see added to the software and vote on them. It also provides the ability for you to raise your own suggestions so that other users can vote on that too.

Tell me more about Feature Request...

On entering the Feature Request forum you will be presented with a list of Requests or Ideas that have already been submitted by other members of the ONE community. These Requests are grouped into useful categories for easy browsing - categories such as Hot Ideas, Top, New, Accepted or Closed - and against each Request you will see the number of votes that have been given to the Request by other users which reflects its popularity within the community.

If you like any of the Requests and would like to see them implemented into the ONE software then please vote for them. Voting is easy, but you must be signed in first - use your email address to create an account (please follow the on-screen instructions) - then you just click on the Vote button, its as simple as that!

And if you have an idea of your own, then please submit your idea for consideration by the ONE community - follow the on-screen instructions to add your Request.