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Support Suite

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What is the Support Suite?

The Support Suite feature takes you to the ONE Support forum where you can find the latest information on ONE from our news feed, search through the Knowledge Base for solutions to any problems you have, or submit requests for help to our Support Team by raising a support ticket.

Tell me more about the Support Suite...

The Support Suite allows you access to the "Knowledge Base" - a repository of articles that answer some of the most common questions that are asked about ONE. As the majority of support issues have already been answered in the "Knowledge Base" you are strongly advised to search the "Knowledge Base" before taking your issue further (see below).

If you cannot find the answer to your question in the "Knowledge Base", then you can raise a "Ticket" - a request for help from the ONE Support Team. To raise a "Ticket" you need to select the "Submit a Ticket" option on the ONE Support forum and then fill in the required fields, for example:

Departments - an indication of what your Ticket concerns. Please select one of the given options.

Your Full Name.

Your Email Address.

How you want to Prioritise your query or problem - one of "Low", "Medium", "High", "Urgent", "Emergency" or "Critical". How you prioritise your Ticket is down to you - you just need to evaluate how the problem is affecting your ability to use ONE or how you see it affecting the ONE user community in general.

Subject - a brief one line summary of the issue.

A detailed description of the issue. Please give as much relevant information as you can. For example, a problem with a Trade would require the Account, Underlying and TradeId# in order to help our Support Team with their investigation and timely resolution of the issue.

Finally, you can attach some supporting documentation or files - for example, screen-shots - but please ensure that any screen-shots are actually readable (avoid low-resolution images by using the ONE Copy Image functionality).

Please note that these support tickets will normally be answered within 48 hours (Mon-Fri except UK Bank Holidays) - however in most cases we are able to answer considerably faster. Please ensure that any replies from ONE are not being re-directed into your email spam or junk folder by white-listing the email address.

You are recommended to register with the ONE Support forum - registration is not compulsory but once registered you will then be able to view all your Tickets and monitor their status as they are processed by our Support Team.

To register, please follow the instructions on the ONE Support forum. You will usually be asked to enter:

Your full name.

Email address.

the Password you want to use on the ONE Support forum (you will be asked to repeat this). Please note that this is not the same password you use to login to the ONE software or website.

Verify Registration - please copy the letters you see (this is a security measure).

You will then be sent a confirmation email (to the supplied email address). Please check your email and click the supplied link (or copy and paste it into your browser address bar) to complete the registration process.