Status screen area

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Status screen area

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What is the Status screen area?

The Status area, found at the bottom of the ONE main window, is used to display the state of its connection to pricing data and to report on any problems in that connection.

Show me the Status screen area...

When ONE is using live prices (from your broker platform) the Status area will usually look as follows:

Status Bar - Connected to Live Pricing Data

And when Back testing (using historical prices) the Status area will display details of the Trading date and time in both your local time zone as well as Eastern Standard Time, as shown in the following example:

Status Bar - Backtrading


In this case, the local time zone is GMT.

Tell me more about the Status screen area...

If the live pricing data feed is not available (for example the thinkorswim desktop platform was not running on the same Operating System environment as ONE when you click the LIVE button) the Status area will display the following error message:

Status Bar - Unable to connect to Pricing Data

Attempting to access historical pricing data for a date before pricing data is available will result in the Status area displaying the following error message and the Trading Date/Time control will be coloured red:

Date selection - no data available Status error

Also note that when accessing live prices the small circle found at the extreme right of the Status screen area (below the Analysis Tools screen area) is coloured green.

Status Area - Live Price Indicator

And is greyed out when accessing historical prices.

Status Bar - No Live Price Indicator