How do I...?

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How do I...?

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How do I...?

This section of the ONE User Guide shows how some of the most common or difficult tasks in ONE can be performed.

Why is this section necessary? Given that all the individual elements that make up the ONE software have already been explained and dissected in some detail in the ONE Tour section of the ONE User Guide, this question may seem a valid one to ask. But ONE, like most things in the real world, is more than the sum of its parts - describing the disparate elements of ONE does not tell us how all those parts are used together in order to help us in our trading.

For example, the process of adjusting an Open Position involves a sequence of actions involving nearly all sections of the ONE main screen - from selecting the Account, then setting the Trading Date & Time, onto selecting he Underlying and then, finally, to selecting the Open Position that is to be adjusted - all these elements need to be addressed before you can move onto modelling and creating the adjustment.

This sequence of actions may seem complicated and daunting to the newcomer, but they simply reflect the processes involved and you will find they soon become natural with practise.

Just remember, when adjusting an Open Position you need to tell ONE: where, when, what and which :-

1.Where the Open Position can be found = the Account.

2.When the adjustment is taking place = the Trading Date & Time.

3.What Underlying are we dealing with = the Underlying (ONE groups Open Positions by their Underlying, saving you from having to search through a mass of unrelated Open Positions that all may happen to belong to the same Account).

4.Which Open Position are we adjusting = the Open Position (we may have more than one Open Position for the selected Underlying, Account and Trading Date/Time, so we need to specify which one).

In conclusion, the "How do I...?" section describes the processes necessary to perform a given task. Where further details are required, such as the actual screen input necessary to perform that task, then you are pointed to the relevant section in the ONE Tour.

Still confused? It is said that "a picture is worth a thousand words" so the best advise here would be to turn to the "How do I...?" topics and have a go...

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