OptionNET Explorer User Guide

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OptionNET Explorer User Guide

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OptionNET Explorer

Who is this Guide for?

This user guide is aimed at all users of OptionNET Explorer (“ONE”). You may be new to option trading or an expert, or unfamiliar with Personal Computers and their software or a seasoned techie - whatever you are, we hope you will find something here to help you get the most out of ONE.

How to use this Guide?

Please use this guide as you feel best suits your purpose. There is no need to read this as a book from cover to cover (unless you are so inclined) but you may find it useful for:

Answering a particular question (by using the Search facility or browsing for your question subject in the Table of Contents or Index).

Gaining a deeper understanding of some aspect of the software (by browsing the Guide).

Familiarizing oneself with new features introduced by a recent upgrade of the ONE software (look out for a What's New Section in future versions of this User Guide).

In either case, feel free to skip over that which is either irrelevant, already familiar to you or simply too much detail.

What is in the Guide?

This guide has the following structure:

What is ONE?

How to Install ONE on your computer.

How to Upgrade ONE to the latest version (and why it is important to upgrade).

Using ONE – a detailed tour of ONE, examining its features and utilities.

How to - a walkthrough of some of the most common activities in ONE such as logging in and out, connecting to live prices, creating a Trading Position, importing Trades into ONE from your broker software and dealing with errors.

The Support Suite - what to do if you cannot find the answer to your question in the Guide.

How is the Guide organised?

Each section within the guide usually follows the following pattern:

General introduction to a topic.

Want to see what we're talking about? Then follow the “Show Me...” links.

Still not clear? Want to see more? Then follow the “Tell Me More” links.

If you feel that there is something missing from this guide that could help you or your fellow community members then please don’t hesitate in letting us know – either via the Support Suite (accessible from the “Support” menu in ONE) or directly at http://support.optionnetexplorer.com

More Resources

Search our growing Knowledgebase for answers to your questions or issues.

Raise support tickets and chat LIVE to our Support staff in our Support Suite.

Video Library

Learn how to get the best out of ONE with our help videos:

How to Install the ONE software (MP4 8.3 MB)

Software Walkthrough (MP4 40.1 MB)

Accounts (MP4 4.6MB)

Backtesting (MP4 22.0MB)  

Data-Feeds (MP4 4.9MB)

Importing Trades (MP4 7.0MB)

Exporting Trades from ThinkOrSwim (MP4 7.6MB)

Adjusting Trades (MP4 2.7MB)

Closing Trades (MP4 2.8MB)

Creating Trades (MP4 5.4M)

Searching Trades (MP4 5.1MB)

Happy Exploring!

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