What is ONE?

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What is ONE?

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What is ONE?

In summary, ONE is an advanced software platform that enables users to design, back test and monitor their option strategies in a single environment.

Why ONE?

ONE was originally developed by an active trader and professional software developer as a private training tool in response to his growing frustration and impatience with the reliability and functionality of the then available option analysis software. In 2009, acquiescing to exceptionally high demand, ONE was released for use to the option trading public. As a training and monitoring tool, ONE has gone from strength to strength, being actively used by an ever expanding user-base of traders, both new and experienced.

How does it work?

ONE uses extensive historical option and underlying data stored on our servers to make your back testing as accurate as possible. Live data comes streaming from your broker account so there are no additional charges to incur, making it possible to perform timely adjustments to your live trading positions.

ONE utilizes the latest technology to provide efficient and accurate analytics along with lightning fast back testing, making it the platform of choice for retail traders of any experience, beginner or advanced.

You are not alone...

As a user of ONE you are a member of a community of traders. For example, using its "Feature Request" forum allows you to actively participate in its future developments. And if you are currently engaged in a Mentoring program, ONE gives you the ability to share your trades with your Mentors, facilitating timely analysis of your positions for maximum benefit.

What ONE is not?

Remember, ONE is not a static, cast-in-iron product; it is itself growing and learning in partnership with its user community. ONE is shaped by the needs of its community and in these turbulent trading times those needs are undergoing constant development - and ONE is accordingly adapting too. It is the hope that this User Guide will help keep you informed with those adaptations - please check back regularly for updates.