Creating a Trade

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Creating a Trade

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How do I create Trades?

The sequence of events necessary to create a Trading Position are as follows:

1.Select an Account against which you want the Trade to be created. If no suitable Account exists then you can create one. Instructions on selecting Accounts can be found here and maintaining Accounts here.

2.Select the Trading Date and Time against which you want the Trade to be created. Instructions on selecting the Trading Date and Time can be found here.

3.Select the Underlying which you wish to Trade in. Instructions on selecting the Underlying can be found here.

4.In the Open Position screen area ensure you have selected the "Start New Trade" functionality. Instructions on creating New Positions can be found here.

5.Select the Option Symbol Strikes and number of contracts you wish to add into the new Position by creating a Model and click the Commit Trade button. Instructions on creating a Model are given here.

6.During the process of Committing the Trade you are prompted for "Trade Documentation" - this is where you can fine tune some of the trade details to override any defaults generated by ONE (useful if you a retrospectively entering a trade you created elsewhere, such as with your broker).

7.As each new Option Symbol Strike entered into a Position has been created with default pricing details supplied from ONE, these may require updating - you are advise to check these details by examining the Trade Log (see here). This is particularly necessary if you are using ONE to monitor trades created in an external system or broker - you will therefore require the actual fill prices which may be better or worse than the market prices available to ONE.

Show me an example of Creating Trades and Positions...

A step by step example of creating a trade is given here.

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