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Account Section

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What is the Account Section?

The Account section, located on the Home Tab of the Ribbon screen area, allows you to maintain Accounts, create or adjust Trades and report on them.

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Account Section of Home are on Ribbon

Of primary interest here is the Account dropdown where you select the Account you want to work with. For example, if you cannot see the Positions you expect then check you have selected the correct Account.

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The Account Section has the following features:

The parameters displayed on the Account section of the Home tab

Item Name


Account Selection

Select one of your Accounts. Each Account will have its own associated Trades stored within it.

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Maintain (create, rename, delete or clear) Accounts.

Warning: Deletion of an Account will delete all associated Positions/Trades.

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Load Trades from your broker platform into ONE. File formats currently supported are: thinkorswim, OptionExpress and TradeMonster.

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Generate a report detailing Accounts and their Positions which can be used to analyse trade performance.

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Trade Log

View and maintain Trading Positions and their details. Positions can be amended, copied, renamed or deleted.

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Commit Trade

Any trades you model in the Option Chain screen area (see here) can be saved to your currently selected Account by using the Commit Trade button.

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